Monday, June 15, 2009

Must have chocolate!

OK as far as I am concerned the need for Chocolate is one of life's basic needs!! So if you are gluten and casein free, what can you do? I found some chocolate chips from Enjoy Life that are gluten and dairy free!! I get them from our local health food store and you can order them online ( With the chocolate chips you can work wonders! We melt the chips and add things like almonds and you have a chocolate bar. To make icing for our yummy chocolate cake I melt the chips and add rice milk and gluten free icing sugar until I get the right consistency! These chocolate chips are incrediably rich and sooooo good!! Apparently the Easter Bunny knows about them too and makes them into Easter eggs and puts them in plastic egg cases!

Happy chocolate!



  1. Thanks Pam, your post just answered a burning question, as my son's & my b'day's are in August and we are planing on starting the GFCF diet in July.
    Jim & Kathy

  2. Believe me, finding a chocolate source was an extremely high priority in our family!! your local health food store will have your biggest selection. You also have the option of heading across the boarder since you are close. There is a much better selection in the US!!