Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Challenges of Being Organization

Organization is not my strong suit to say the least!! I can honestly say that I am organizationally challenged! Now how does the organizationally challenged manage to teach her ADD and ADHD kids to be organized?! It is like a toddler trying to teach adults to drive a tractor trailer!! I really do try hard to be organized and I start off well, but it goes rapidly downhill. Then there is also the fact that when I do achieve some sort of organization, others in this house declare war on it and wreck any progress we have made!

Well imagine my shock last night when I happened upon Ashlynn's planner for school and it was perfectly organized!! She had all her homework listed, she had her extra stuff in there and she had her workout schedule there too!! I just about cried. I know how hard this is to do for me let alone for her with her ADD!! Maybe I can learn from her!


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